Sensing Rooftops

Dance Performance and Film



Sensing rooftops explores Moroccan and Dutch urban culture through the lens of its rooftops. It is a  collaboration between Moroccan film maker Yassine Abouhamid and Dutch choreographer, educator  and anthropologist Ilja Geelen.

Combined, this artistic duo possesses wide range of artistic and  scientific research methods and presentation skills. In Sensing Rooftops they employ these skills in  artistic explorations of rooftops in Morocco and the Netherlands.

The project can be seen as a form  of arts-based comparative research. At the same time it is an artistic creation process that will result in an educational performance for Moroccan and Dutch youth. 

This project is supported from the French Institute of Morocco and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

‘ That's why we, seize the moment try to freeze it and own it
Squeeze it and hold it, because we consider these minutes golden.’